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rsync.net Cloud Storage has rclone built in


(Direct Transfer from rsync.net to AWS USEast @ ~100 MB/s)


Backup All of Your Cloud Resources in One Place


You can back up any cloud storage resource to an rsync.net account using the rclone tool.

You can arrange these backups any way you like and browse through them with any SFTP client:



You can go "back in time" with the free snapshots included with an rsync.net account:



Your cloud accounts, and all of their data, will stay safe at rsync.net.

The account snapshots are immutable (read-only) and cannot be altered by an attacker or by ransomware.


Cloud to Cloud Data Transfer


An rsync.net account can transfer data to and from any cloud storage provider.

No matter how slow your connection is, you can manage high speed data transfer directly between any of your cloud accounts.

There is no concurrency limit - you may run as many different rclone processes as you need to.

There is no transfer/bandwidth/usage limit.


Specific rclone Features


You may access the account with any tool that runs over SSH or SFTP - not just rclone.

You may create and maintain an unlimited number of directories.

You have full control over your authorized_keys file to restrict IP and command access.

You may configure custom alerts to generate email, SMS, or Pushover warnings - or call a webhook. Or all of the above.

You may set your account to be immutable (read-only) and accessible only by SSH key (disabled passwords).

We do not support 'rclone serve' or 'rclone mount' for security reasons.


Special Pricing for rclone Accounts


Discounted "rclone accounts" are available for technically proficient users.


$0.008 per GB, per month - 200 GB Minimum


    - We will not configure subaccounts, or additional logins, for these rclone accounts.
    - There is NO rclone specific technical support or integration engineering. You're here because you're an expert.
    - You must pay annually.


No other costs. No contracts. All transfer/bandwidth/usage is free.



What Makes rsync.net Special


We are the only cloud storage provider that gives customers a UNIX filesystem to do what they want with.

We are NOT reselling another cloud - we built and maintain our own infrastructure and have complete control over our platform.

Our ZFS platform provides resiliency and allows clients to configure point-in-time snapshots that are immutable.

We have a world class, IPV6-capable network with locations in three US cities as well as Zurich and Hong Kong.

You will receive unlimited, free technical support, over phone and email, for any use you make of our product.

We offer customizable monitoring and alerts, free of charge, using email, SMS, Pushover and webhook calls.

We've been doing this since 2001.


More Information


rsync.net publishes a wide array of support documents as well as a FAQ

rsync.net has been tested, reviewed and discussed in a variety of venues.

You, or your CEO, may find our CEO Page useful.

Please see our HIPAA, GDPR, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statements.

Contact info@rsync.net for more information, and answers to your questions.






Click here for Simple Pricing - Or call 619-819-9156 or email info@rsync.net for more information.