Account Snapshots

Time Machine style backups in the cloud


The platform is based on the state of the art ZFS filesystem.

Using ZFS, creates and maintains "snapshots" of your entire cloud storage account.

You can browse and restore from these snapshots as if you had gone back in time to that date.

You are not charged for these snapshots and they do not count against your quota.


Safety and Security


All accounts are given seven daily snapshots. Accounts larger than 10TB are given seven daily and four weekly snapshots.

ANY account can add a custom schedule of days, weeks, months, quarters - and even years. Only these additional snapshots are counted against your quota.

These additional snapshots take up a very small percentage of your actual data - only the changed bits take up actual space. It looks like you have many, full copies of the same data but you only pay for the difference in bits, which might be quite small.

The snapshots are immutable (read-only) and cannot be altered in any way. In this way, your account protects you from ransomware or malicious parties.


Automatic Retention


You do not need to set up or maintain these snapshots - they are automatically created and rotated.

This means that you can do a "dumb" mirror, or 1:1 backup to and not worry about retention or "daily vs. full" backups.

It also means that if you are using rsnapshot or "rsync snapshots" (with hard links) you can remove those components and just do a simple rsync to us.




Your ZFS snapshots are in a hidden directory inside your account named .zfs

Although you cannot see, or list, that directory, you can use it and change to it, etc. For instance:

ssh ls -asl .zfs

... and if you are using an SFTP client like Filezilla or WinSCP, you can specify that directory path even though you don't see it.




If you have any questions or problems regarding this process, please email - we will help you immediately.


Reference Information


- SSH / SSL Server Fingerprints

- Generating and using ssh keys for automated backups

- Remote commands you may run over SSH

- Physical delivery guidelines

- Warrant Canary

- PGP/GPG Public Key




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